Days 30 – 33 – Confession: This Diet Might Be Addictive

We fell off the wagon.

BEFORE YOU JUDGE US, let me explain….

It all started when a dear friend of ours invited us over for dinner for the first time. He’s been here in Germany away from his family who lives in Eastern Europe for about 2 years and is about to move home. His wife was visiting and wanted to cook for us. Of course, we were thrilled and excited to try something new! We had talked to them about the vegan thing before they invited us, so we figured they had a handle on it. When he called around lunch time to let us know his wife was working on the chicken, we said it would be great! A little cultural misunderstanding I guess…

Well, she made this fantastic dish from Transylvania with fresh chicken and cream and it.was.AMAZING! We absolutely loved it! And the bread. And the dessert. With Ice Cream.

But we hadn’t had animal products in a month… so our bodies revolted. It was no good. The next morning, we had to get on a plane to Oslo (sad for us, right?), and had a miserable time. Traveling and the sniffles just don’t mix. But since we were already off the diet… we decided to try the Norwegian regional cuisine. For 2 days, we had vegan breakfast, then either vegan lunch OR dinner. After the plane ride, I (the lady) decided to stick with fish and avoid dairy. It wasn’t too bad. I felt mostly ok. The gentleman on the other hand, he ate whatever he wanted. By day 3 of the trip, we were back to total vegan after feeling completely miserable on the standard diet. We missed our way of eating. Seriously. We missed how we felt. We missed not having to worry about the sniffles. We just missed our vegan diet.

So we’re back on and more determined than ever! We’re glad we had this unintentional lapse to remind us how we used to feel. If we had any temptations left, they’re gone. Victory for us!


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