Day 22 – Starving but Never Lonely

There are no recipes, for today was a sad day. And a happy day. And a day for leftovers.

For basically the entirety of 2013, we have been going out for Thursday Night Dinners with a large group of friends. The people change a little as does the restaurant. We have a blast all over town! Since we started this little experiment, we have avoided it. Last night, we decided that skipping 3 was enough and we were going to go out. Naturally, they had to pick the least vegan friendly restaurant on the planet. Literally, everything had meat or egg or dairy in it. Including the salads and soups. Faced with the tough choice of a dry salad or nothing, we chose nothing. I had a lovely peppermint tea, and my guy had a sad face. We were glad to see our friends, but….

ATTN RESTAURANT OWNERS – Unless you own a restaurant with a picture of a pig on the logo, PLEASE have a vegan menu option! Even better, please have one that isn’t covered in oil!  Thank you.


The Starving Experimentors


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