Day 14 – Bulgarian Casserole and Weigh-in Day

It has been 2 weeks since we started this adventure and the Lady and I did a measurement check to see how our bodies have changed in the short time we have been eating a nutritarian diet. And I have to tell you I am impressed, I will relay the specifics below, but let’s just say they are relatively dramatic. We are eating as much food as we want and in some instances, as much as we can stand.

The Lady had a hankering for Bulgarian Pepper Casserole. Traditionally (as traditional as the Lady’s ever shifting recipes can be) this is made with feta cheese, ricotta and sausage. So as you can see we needed to “adapt and overcome.” The Lady found a recipe for vegan feta using tofu, we substituted chanterelle mushroom for the sausage, the ricotta was replaced by blending almond milk and tofu. The flavors had to be played with but we made it work. We whipped up a pretty stellar vegan Bulgarian Pepper Casserole.


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